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Reykjavík - Skaftafell

On the route from Reykjavík to Skaftafell some of Iceland´s finest natural wonders are to be found, Skaftafell being one of the highlights.

Surrounded by glaciers on three sides, it is a place where you are able to see the highest mountain in Iceland, Hvannadalshnjúkur 2110 m and take a walk up to the picturesque waterfall, Svartifoss, sourrounded by basalt columns. For those who are more adventurous there is a possibility to join a glacier walk for 2 hours.

The stop in Skaftafell national park is approx. 4 hours. Remember to bring warm clothing, rain gear and hiking boots.

Pick up at hotels and guesthouses 30 minutes prior to departure. Drop off after day tours may sometimes not be right in front of your hotel/guesthouse due to narrow streets and actual coach size used during the tour.

Ikr. 19.900.-

07:30 Wed, Fri, & Sat. (1 - 31 Oct.)

Ikr. 19.900.-

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