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Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.2527569° N 15.39527° W

Lake Saenautavatn is among the largest lakes in the Jokuldalsheidi area. It stretches from north to south with the ruins of the farmstead Rangalon (abandoned in 1924) to the north and the rebuilt farmstead Saenautasel (abandoned in 1942; now a living museum) to the south. Its area is 2,3 km², its greatest depth is 23 m and it is situated 525 m above sea level.
Its discharge, Lonskvisl, tributes to the fine salmon river Hofsa, which spills into the bay Vopnafiord. Road no. 1 passes just north of it and a passable road lies to the south along it.
It abounds in large and tasty lake char, 2-7 pounders. The lake has not been netted for many years now.

Fishing CardFishing Card:
Daily opening hours: No restrictions.
SeasonMay 1st to September 20th.
BaitAll bait is allowed: fly, worm and lure.
Contact / landlord:
Lilja Óladóttir at Sænautasel. Tel: (+354) 471-1060 and 855-5399
The distance from the capital is about 600 km by the Whale Bay tunnel and about. 74 Km. from Egilsstadir and 13 km, from Highway 1.