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Seal watching is a new experience in Icelandic tourism. We will be offering boat trips from Hvammstangi around Miðfjörður and Húnaflói during the summer, giving you the opportunity to watch seals in their natural environment.
Seals are sea mammals that live in the northern hemisphere.
They keep close to the shores so they can crawl up on big rocks or beaches to rest. Even though seals are wild animals, it does not take them long to get used to the closeness of humans. Seals are curious by nature so with a good camera, and a telephoto lens, you can expect to get marvelous photos of them in their natural environment.
Join us on a trip and see the seals and the nature of Midfjordur with your own eyes. An experience to be remembered, and a new angle on life and nature.

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Brimill Hvammstanga
Brimill Seal Watching Boat

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Village Hvammstangi on the Midfjordur bay is a commercial and tourism centre for the county, and has been a trading post since 1846.
The Icelandic Seal Centre is also an important addition to the educational recreation in Hvammstangi.

It is located 7 kilometres off the ring road.

The distance from Reykjavik is 197 km by the Whale Bay tunnel.

Bifrost in Borgarfjordur (West Iceland) Iceland 91 km <Hvammstangi> Blonduos 58 km.


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