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Skogafoss Waterfall

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.533333° N 19.516667° W

About Skogafoss

Waterfall Skogafoss is 60 m high and counted among the most beautiful of the country. At least 20 more waterfalls cascade down the mountain slopes above the Skogafoss and it is easy to walk along the river to see them. The first settler at Skogar was Thrasi Thorolfsson. He was a learned man and his character was antiquated. He is said to have hidden a chest filled with gold coins in a cave behind the waterfall. On fine days, when the sun is shining, people say that his gold is glittering through the water. Many have tried to find the chest and once a young man succeeded. He tied a rope to its ring and pulled. He only retrieved the ring, which was later used for the church door at Skogar. Now it is one of the prides of the Skogar Museum.

Skogarfoss is on the Saga trail for South Iceland.

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