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Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 65.6267° N 23.8230 ° W
Weather: 2.7°C, Wind ENE at 12 km/h, 80% Humidity
Population: 306

Bay Patreksfjordur branches into two smaller fjords, Patreksfjordur and Talknafjordur. A fishing village by the same name rests on the 15 km long and nearly 4 km wide bay, Talknafjordur. The mountains drop steep into the bay, the lowland stretches are small and narrow and short valleys cut into the interior plateau. The trout and char river Botnsa discharges into the bay. Thermal activity has been discovered in a few places and is used for house heating and a swimming pool in the village. The road distance from the capital is 403 km, but only 257 km via Stykkisholmur and by the ferry to Brjanslaekur.

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