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Bus Schedule: Take advantage of great savings and use our Bus Schedule Planner
Highlands bus schedule are available, such as the Kjolur Interior, the Sprengisandur highland. Stop over wherever you wish for as long as you want.

Car rental:
Add whole new dimension to your Iceland holidays by visiting or staying in small towns or villages to enjoy genuine hospitality. During summer you can drive across the interior of Iceland, the Kjolur route, or the Sprengisandur route (4x4 only). Gaesavavotn route (4x4 only)

Accommodations:- Iceland has more than 1000 hotels/guesthouses
150 Farm holidays,  25 hostels accommodation and some cottages around the island.

Tours and Activity: Bus tours - Whale Watching - Puffin Tours - Horse Rental - ATV Tours
Kayaking - Rafting
- Sea Angling.

Hiking: The number of hiking trails in Iceland is much greater than covered by this website. The shorter and more local ones are left out for the most part.

: it is easy to take a short break between activities and find peace and quiet on a beautiful lake, or catch fish in a nearby river.

Golf: The Icelanders have played the game since the thirties.  The first golf clubs established here were The Golf Club of Iceland in 1934 and the G.C. of the Westman Islands in 1938.

Although Iceland may be more famous for its fishing than for hunting opportunities, there is more here for the international sportsman than just salmon and trout. We also have geese, ptarmigans, ducks, cormorants, shags, guillemots, and many other species of birds. It is even possible to connect with locals for a day or two of reindeer hunting,




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