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Westman islands

Guðmundur Sigfússon photographer and photoservice in Westmann Islands Iceland




Flight Reykjavik-Westman island

Westman Islands
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Pilot Bjarni Jonsson inspected the conditions for an airport at Bakki in 1978 and the landowner, Jon Einarsson, farmer at Bakki and later supervisor of the airport, rendered assistance.  They both came to the conclusion, that a part of the potato fields was the best location and decided to sow grass there at their own expense.  It was an excellent landing strip and was used for years on end.  In 1990, the Civil Aviation Administration took over the operation and the runways were lengthened.  The flight between the Heimaey island and the mainland takes 7 minutes and many of the islanders own and keep their cars in garages or outdoors near the airport.
Flight to/from Bakki airport to Westman islands only upon request.

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