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Let us assume that your starting point is Varmahlid at the cross roads to Saudarkrokur from road #1.  As a matter of fact, you could start from any of the below mentioned places, depending on your location and your wishes.  To enjoy the attractions fully, you would have to click each of the places mentioned on the map to find out what they have to offer.  Remember, that the Skagafjordur district offers beautiful scenic landscapes on a fine day, and a myriad of historical spots, which connect you more closely to the area and the country by visiting them.  There is also a number of activities and sightseeing tours on offer, should you want to enjoy the area without a detailed preparation.

From hamlet Varmahlid you could drive across the valley to the east to the crossing to Holar and Hofsos to continue to Siglufjordur, which would be your turning point to the crossing to Saudarkrokur.  From there you head back to road #1 to your starting point.

By clicking the depicted places on the map you find detailed information on each of the aforementioned places.

Information on tours and activity are also mentioned, i.e. sightseeing, riding tours, white water rafting, golf, super jeep tours into the interior, angling etc. are also accessible and easy to book at the information centre at Varmahlid.

For information on road conditions, see or call the Road Administration Information Line (+354) 1777

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 Skagafjordur area

Hofsos 37 km <Sauðarkrokur> Varmahlid 24 km. Blonduos (744) 50 km. Skagastrond (745) 98 km. Lakes on Skagi

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