Hotel Borgarvirki service centre north Iceland,
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Hotel Borgarvirki

May 15th  - September 15th


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Hotel Hop is a new country hotel in the Vatnsnes Area, which is renowned for seal-watching and  its natural beauty.  The hotel offers 15 comfortable rooms, a restaurant with Icelandic cuisine, a bar and conference facilities. Seal-watching tours by kayak, adventurous riding tours, angling, bird-watching, hiking and kayaking in these beautiful surroundings.

Access roads # 711 from #1, just west of Vidihlid, and #716 and #717 from road #1 in Vididalur.  Distance from road #1 about 15 kilometres.

Stadarskali 69 km <Hop Service Centre> Blonduos 25 km.


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