Northern Lights
Northern Lights






Flight schedules of international airlines flying to Iceland are listed in our Travel and Fishing Guides. The country is situated just south of the Arctic Circle, between Greenland and Norway, only about a 2½ hour flight from London and 5 hours flight from N.Y.
The International Airport Keflavik is situated in the southwestern part of the country, only a 45 minute drive from the capital.

The ferry connection between Iceland and the European mainland is very popular. The number of people travelling on their own to enjoy a second or third visit to the country is increasing. The journey in Iceland starts in the unique and picturesque landscapes of the Eastern Fjords (Seydisfjordur). For further information on domestic travels, bus-, flight- and ferry schedules, towns or historical sites, the interior or the glaciers, fishing in rivers, lakes or deep sea fishing, simply consult our Travel or Angling Guides. There is much more information on our website about this beautiful country and what it has to offer. You can plan an unforgettable vacation in Iceland right now!


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How to get to Iceland by air


Midnight Sun

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How to get to Iceland by sea



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