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Tourists are permitted to import the following upon arrival in the country:


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  1. 6 litres of beer.
  2. 1 litre of spirits (<60 proof).
  3. 1 litre of wine (<20 proof) or 2 litres of wine excluding spirits.
  4. The general rule is that it is forbidden by law to import the following into the country: Live animals, birds, and uncooked meat and poultry products. narcotics, poisons, firearms, fishing equipment (must be disinfected; such services offered at the international airport). It is permitted to import up to 3 kilos of cooked meat products from an EEA member state (stamps required).
  5. Dairy products and fresh vegetables are not permitted.
  6. Personal medication is permitted.
  7. Narcotics, poisons, and firearms are prohibited and all fishing gear must be disinfected. Import of pets and live animals requires a permit from the Veterinary General and a minimum of four months quarantine

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