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Island Seley is a 21 m high, vegetated rocky island 4,6 km (2½ nautical miles) off the mouth of the Reydarfjordur Bay.  Several skerries are to its north and south.  The island belonged to the farm Holmar and no one has ever had permanent residence there.  Like elsewhere in the country, such outlying islands and coastal areas, the fishermen had their outfits there during the fishing seasons.

They mainly concentrated on fishing shark, halibut and ray.  During bad spells. they practiced all kinds of games, one of which was testing their strength on three differently heavy stones they called the Ram, the Ewe and the Lamb.

According to a legend, 13 people from the Reydarfjordur area escaped encountering the Algerian buccaneers, who attacked several places, especially in the East and West in 1627.

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