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These islands are the namesakes of a more renowned group of islands off Skardstrond further east.  They offered some advantages, such as birds, shore and fish and contained fishing outfits before the turn of the 18th century.  The oldest preserved boat with the Breidafiord shape is from there.  According to the Saga of the Marshland Killings, Styr the savage acquired them with violence and false accusations.  In 1360 they were the property of the Helgafell monastery.  In 1702, 16 people lived there and kept 8 heads of cattle and 9 sheep.  Between 1890 and 1920 ten people lived there, and the last inhabitants left in 1952.  The name of the islands points to grain crop growing, possibly by the first settler, Bjorn austraeni and his descendents.  Vague traces of earth fences between the North and South headlands and southwest of Fotabard can still be seen.

Island Skeley is south of the Farm Cove.  It contained two outlying farms or fishing outfits around 1700 and there were probably more earlier.

Island Faskrud
is a barren island 2,5 km north of the Akureyjar Islands and still two kilometres further north is an islet called Gagnsleysa (The Useless Islet).  Four kilometres to the northeast is the most frequented fishing outfit on the southern part of the bay in times past, Island Hoskuldsey.
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