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Karahnjukar comprises two hyaloclastite mountains on the eastern side of River Jokulsa a Dal, the higher one 835 meters above mean sea level. The main canyon of Hafrahvammar is 5 km long, but the total length between The Desja River and The Trollagil Gorge is about 10 km. Its greatest depth is about 200 meters. Approximately half of it is called Dimmugljufur (The Dark Canyon).

There it is, very narrow and spectacular, probably the wildest one of the country. Plans have been made to harness the river there for electrical production. A 4wd track takes you there from the farm Bru and then further south to the junction further west near the eastern bridge across The Kreppa River and directly west to a more northerly junction of the same route between the main road and the Kverkfjoll area.

Modrudalur 67 km <Karahnjukar> Bru 33 km, Egilsstadir 115 km.

Jeep track from farm Bru in Valley Jökuldalur

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An Itinerary Suggestion for a 1 day tour from Egilsstadir
A round trip, preferably by a 4wd vehicle, from Egilsstadir through Valley Jokuldalur to Farm Bru via Valley Hrafnkelsdalur to the Karahnjukar power plant project and a detour to Mt Snaefell before continuing to the main Fljotsheidi road to the project's Visitor's Centre, Valthjofsstadur Church, the Cultural Centre Skriduklaustur, and through the county's largest forest Hallormsstadur back to Egilsstadir.

Another alternative from Farm Bru would be to continue to Valleys Bruardalir, especially Valley Laugarvalladalur to a refreshing natural bathing pool before continuing to the bridge of River Jokulsa to enter the Power plant project and then enter the latter part of the above itinerary.

For information on road conditions, see www.road.is or call the Road Administration Information Line (+354) 1777

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