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This park was established in 1973. Its area covers 150 km² and a 35 km long stretch along the western side of the glacial river Jokulsa. The northernmost part, Asbyrgi, was incorporated in 1978. The river canyons are about 25 km long and resemble the Grand Canyons in Arizona.

On June 7th 2008, the 12,000 square kilometres National Park Vatnajokull was established, the largest one in Europe, and this NP became a part of it.

There are several places of exceptional natural beauty in the park, such as the The Asbyrgi Canyon, The Whispering Cliffs, Holmatungur, Forvod and the mighty Dettifoss waterfall. Only one kilometre to the south of Dettifoss is the 10 m. high Selfoss, and 2 km. to the north is the 27 m high HafragilsfossThe park is ideal for short or long hikes. There is no better way to enjoy its charm fully. The park wardens sell brochures with detailed information and maps.

On June 7th 2008, the whole glacier Vatnajokull and some of its surroundings, two existing Nationa Parks, and some nature reserves, were declared Europe's larges National Park, called Vatnajokull.

NP Jokulsargljufur was one of the two national parks incorporated and the visitors' centre mentioned below serves for the new park as well.

Travel Information
The National Park's Visitors Centre, called "Gljufrastofa", is situated in Asbyrgi.  It is open from the beginning of June to the end of September from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening.

Travel info. at Ásbyrgi.
Tel.: 47-710-7100


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