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Almenningar (plural) are an almost barren and eroded summer pasture area between River Thronga in the south, River Sydri-Emstrua in the north, River Markarfljot in the west and glacier snout Merkurjokull in the east.  Glacial River Ljosa, spilling into River Markarfljot, divides this area.  The northern part mostly consists of a low, undulating mountain stretching from the glacier to River Markarfljot.  Close to its western part is a diminishing green spot in the landscape called Kapa, where one of the settlers of the area built his farm in the past as the eroded ruins might confirm.

A few reddish looking scoria heaps, old craters, are  prominent in the landscape.  They were active during Holocene and created considerable lava fields.  This crater area is called Fauskheidi.  River South-Emstrua is crossed on a pedestrian bridge by those who are hiking the so-called Laugavegur Trail between Thorsmork and Landmannalaugar.

River South-Emstrua bridge is just north of the low ridge Langhals, where the Laugavegur  hiking trail crosses it.

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