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Budir on the southwestern part of the Snaefellsnes peninsula is very popular among tourists because of the beauty of the region and the nearness of the Snaefell Glacier.  Many wide travelled people have stated that nowhere in Iceland have they enjoyed the natural surroundings more.  The yellow beaches, the black and green contrasts of the lava field and the homely, old hotel dating partly back to 1836, with its unequalled cuisine help creating an unforgettable atmosphere.  Above it all rises the mysterious, cone shaped Snaefell Glacier within easy reach for everyone who might want to conquer it on foot or on snow scooters.  A new hotel was opened at Budir in 2002.


There are two nature reserves in the region of Snaefellsbaer, Budahraun and the coast at Arnarstapi and Hellnar. The Nature Conservation Agency is responsible for the nature reserves.

Driving off the road often causes damage to soil and can carve unwanted and unsightly new tire marks into the landscape for use by future vehicles. Off-road driving in the area is therefore prohibited. Special care should be taken in the vicinity of nesting grounds. If the birds are disturbed, there is a risk that they will leave their nests for too long, which may result in unsuccessful hatching or the death of their nestlings. Cutting plants, disturbing wildlife and damaging the soil is prohibited.

Litter should be taken to the nearest waste container to keep the beaches clean.

There are numerous old trails of cultural value in the area. People are welcome to use these trails and thereby contribute to their continued existence as arteries of traffic. In addition, the trails serve as links between historical sites as well as reminders of Iceland's industrial history. The routes harmonize well with their surroundings and travellers are brought into close contact with nature. People on horseback may use paths and roads, but herding loose horses is prohibited in the nature reserve. Those who intend to ride along the Klettsgata trail can obtain further information from the warden and service providers in the area.

It is important that these rules are observed. The land is our common heritage and we must ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy it to the full. Respect Nature and its diversity of life and landscape.

Dear Visitor

The purpose of establishing natural reserves is to protect the natural environment of the country in such a way that people have an opportunity to enjoy it. By establishing reserves, an area of land is set aside for nature to take its normal course and for people to observe the marvels of nature and enjoy the great outdoors. Increased public awareness and active participation in natural protection is essential to achieve these objectives.

Enjoy your visit!

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