Kirkjugolf Dverghamrar,

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The so-called Church Floor is situated in the meadow just northeast of the hamlet Kirkjubaejarklaustur in the South. The path from the parking area lies past a stone hummock called Hildishaugur, which is better explained under the title Kirkjubaejarklaustur.

The Church Floor is a pure natural phenomenon, the tops of basaltic columns on the surface, covering an area of about 80 m², just like tiles on the ground. Basaltic columns are created when the flowing lava comes to a halt and cools off, probably in boggy areas, where steam percolates through as well. The Church Floor was declared inviolate.


Those sea eroded basaltic columns just south of road no. 1 are well worth a closer look. The name hints at the existence of mythological beings, that they are occupied by dwarfs, hence „The Dwarf Cliffs". Basaltic columns are created when the lava is cooling off in standstill and the procedure is affected by water.
(Saga trail South Iceland)

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