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Dyrholaey.gif (15520 bytes)Dyrholaey is a 120 m high and precipitous headland. A large, natural gate has been eroded through its southernmost part. When the sea is calm, big vessels can sail through it and in 1995, two adventurers flew in a small aircraft through it. The view from the highest points of the headland, where the 1927 lighthouse is standing, is excellent on a fine day.

In earlier times fishing outfits were operated from the lower parts of the promontory and ideas about a harbour construction there have been weathered. South of the promontory are freestanding cliffs in the ocean, one of which looks like a petrified elephant. It is highly interesting to watch the bird life in the cliffs, especially the puffins. English fishermen and sailors called the promontory Portland or the Blow Hole.

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