Modrufell farm Eyjafjordur,

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Modrufell is a farm in the Hrafnagil County in the Eyjafiord District.  The son of Jon Arason, the last catholic bishop of Holar, Ari Jonsson, lived there.  He was apprehended with his father at the farm Saudafell in the Dalir District and they were brought to Skalholt, the bishopric of the southern see and beheaded in 1550.

One of the four leper hospitals of the country was situated at Modrufell.  A few carved boards from ancient buildings at Modrufell are kept in the National Museum.  Above the farm is a coarse scree with large boulders along the edges created by a great landslide in the past.  A centuries old rowan tree stood there and was revered by the people.  Its descendents are among the oldest trees in the town Akureyri and at the farm Skrida.

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