Faxi Waterfall Biskupstungur,

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Fishing in Tungufljot


River Tungufljot discharges Lake Sandvatn south of the Langjokull Glacier.  The first part of its course is called River Asbrandsa, and when settled areas are reached it changes its name.  It collects a myriad of streams and brooks on its way to the confluence with River Hvita.

Just south of the old bridge across River Tungufljot, near the road between the bishopric Skalholt and the Geysir Area, is a beautiful waterfall in a quiet spot not visible from the main road, although it is quite close.  Just above the waterfall is an ancient ford and a common sheep fold for the community.  It is quite nice to drive down there for a pick nick on a fine day.

Camping at Faxi waterfall
8 km from Reykholt & 12 km from Geysir

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