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The distance between Skogar and Thorsmork (Basar) is about 23 km. Hikers en route across The Fimmvorduhals Pass to Skogar can divide the leg by staying overnight in the hut in the pass after a 5 hour walk and continue for five hours the next day down to Skogar or visa versa.
All kinds of weather conditions can be expected when crossing over to the south coast and sometimes the markers are hidden by the snow patches.
In 1970 a few hikers died of hypothermia up there.
A very popular hiking trail between Thorsmork and Landmannalaugar 
for those who decide to continue on the well-marked route.

On March 20th 2010 (spring equinox), shortly before midnight, a half a kilometre long fissure opened up and an eruption started just to the west of the hiking trail in mountain pass Fimmvorduhals.  Earthquakes and tremours had been monitored since the summer of 2009, and the authorities were well prepared for the measures to be taken in case of an eruption.  People were temporarily evacuated from the area and roads were closed.  They were opened again in the afternoon.  Scientists say, that this erution probably will count among the small ones.  Lava started flowing across the hiking trail, down into the Hrunagil gorge on the 22nd, melting snow and causing temporary swelling of river Krossa.
On March 31st, a NW-SE eruptive fissure opened up a bit further northwest of the original crater, which remained active.  Molten lava flowed from the new fissure down into the Hvannargil gorge further north and added to the lava volume.  The police and the rescue corps present decided to evacuate the eruption area.  In the evening, it was decided to evacuate the Godaland and Thorsmork areas as well and close access to them for the time being.  The whole mountain was unstable, and noone knew what would and could happen next.    Those who visit the area have to be aware of the risk involved and be prepared for the worst.
April 13th - 14th 2010.  No emission of lava from the fissure of March 31st.  Eruption pause or end.

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Green line showing hiking trail between Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork and Fimmvorduhals to Skogar
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Huts at Fimmvorduhals and Thorsmork

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