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Young people of all ages enjoy life in the Family Garden. It is well equipped with interesting toys and a wading pool, where the children can dabble when the weather is good. No one needs to go home when hunger presses hard. There is a big grill in the garden, where sausages from the shop in the garden or some food from home can be grilled. It is nice to sit down to eat and relax by the grill and renew the energy for further endeavours.

The Family Garden is open all day and every day from June to September. For further information on special events and opening hours call

Those who want to get better acquainted with the Icelandic domestic animals and their conduct should visit this garden. It does not only display domestic animals, but also species of wild Icelandic mammals and birds. The main goal of the garden is to educate and increase people's interest in ecology and animal preservation. It is open all year round and further information on special events and opening hours can be obtained by calling

Entry charges
Children 0-4 years                free
Children 5-12 years              500 Isk
Adults> 12                           600 Isk

Children 0-4 years                free
Children 5-12 years              400 Isk
Adults > 12                          500 Isk

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