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This low mountain (972m) is actually an old and heavily eroded dolerite shield volcano just north of the centre of the Sprengisandur route. It is almost in the proper centre of the country. At its western foot is a lake, Fjordungsvatn, and the Sprengisandur track just west of it. During dry spells, the lake can disappear.

A short distance north of the lake are two crossings offering the possibilities to drive via Laugafell to the Skagafiord District, to the Eyjafiord District or along the northern side of the Hofsjokull glacier to join the western main router across the central highlands, the Kjolur route. The view from the top of Fjordungsalda is excellent on a fine day.

Laugafell 31 km, Kidagil 37 km <Fjordungsalda> Nyidalur 19 km.

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