Graenahlid Isafjardardjup,

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The precipitous slope Graenahlid is located north of the mouth of the Isafiord Bay in the Northwest.  It stretches from the gully Ritaskord to Sletta on the Jokulfiords Bays.  Its basaltic strata lies almost horizontal and a few vegetated patches decorate it and give it its name, The Green Slope.  Tillite was discovered between the basaltic layers.

The stone pillar Darri in the Ritaskord Gully is believed to be occupied by a benevolent ghost, which helps those who are at danger at sea.  Be that as it may, but the truth is, that many vessels seek shelter there during bad weather conditions.  January 26th 1956 the trawler Egill the Red from the town Neskaupsstadur ran aground at the foot of Graenahlid and five men drowned.  The rescue corps managed to save 29 men under very bad and risky conditions.

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