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This is the largest wooded area of the country. In 1899, a law for the protection of the forest was passed and since then, the reforestation has not stopped. Experiments with many foreign species of trees started in 1903. The most effective reforestation efforts started in 1950 and have grown steadily since. Now, about a century later, the forest has an area of 2300 ha and covers an 18 km long stretch along the glacial lake Logurinn.

Patches of woods are gradually appearing elsewhere in the area and the country as a part of a much bigger project involving the farmers, who in many cases have had to abandon their traditional agricultural activities. Inside the forest is a tree nursery producing between three and four million trees annually and another one of a similar size is operated in the Egilsstadir village.

One of the places of interest in the forest is the Arboretum, which shows the short, but relatively successful history of the country’s reforestation. In Atlavik is a nice camping area and every summer it is the centre of festivities in the East. The school buildings at Hallormsstadur have been operated as summer hotels for decades. A domestic science school was established there in 1930. A primary and secondary boarding school was established in 1967. There are more accommodations available at the farms in the area and some of the trade unions have built many holiday houses for their members.

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