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Helgafell (The Holy Mound) is a parsonage at the foot of a high rocky mound by the same name on the peninsula Thorsnes south of the village Stykkisholmur. Its church dates back to 1904. One of the owners of Helgafell, Snorri Thorgrimsson, switched properties with a woman, Gudrun Osvifursdottir at Laugar in the Saelingsdalur Valley. She lived at Helgafell to her dying day. Her grave is situated just north of the church, outside the cemetery.

It is fenced off and turns towards the church according to Irish tradition. At old age she became a nun and had a small convent built on top of the mound, where there are still some ruins left. According to the legend a wish will be granted to anyone, who walks three times anticlockwise around her grave and then up to the top of the mound without uttering a word, looking back, thinking bad thoughts or telling anyone the wish. The distance from the capital is about 169 km.

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