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At Hellnar there is a natural sea port, which was one of the largest ones on the peninsula in past centuries. Spectacular and beautiful cliffs rise directly from the ocean. One is named Valanos wherein there is the cave Badstofa, which is known for its peculiar natural lighting and colourful interior.

A cold spring dedicated the Holy Virgin, where she appeared in the past, is to be found at the lava’s edge. The distance from the Capital is from 174 to 196 km by the Whale Bay tunnel.

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The purpose of establishing nature reserves is to protect the natural environment of the country in such a way that people have an opportunity to enjoy it. By establishing reserves, an area of land is set aside for nature to take its normal course and for people to observe the marvels of nature and enjoy the great outdoors. Increased public awareness and active participation in natural protection is essential to achieve these objectives.

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