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Hrauneyjar is the name of an area south of the glacial river Tungnaa close to one of the hydro electric Power Station Hrauneyjar in this part of the country. The power station has the capacity of 210 MW (finished in 1981). A short distance down river from the power station a cable carrier for cars was constructed in 1964. It connected with both routes across the Sprengisandur. The older one closer to River Thjorsa, is much more difficult to cope with than the eastern one. Since the power station at Sigalda, farther upriver, came into being, a proper bridge leads to the new route and is almost solely used nowadays. Northeast of the Hrauneyjar power station, in the largest vegetated area north of river Tungnaa, is a house, which once stood on a street in the capital. Then there are tourist huts almost in the middle of the country at Nyidalur with sleeping bag accommodation. Just south of the Tungnaa river in Hrauneyjar there is a motel and a restaurant and another further north of the power stations, called Versalir. Both of those as well as the tourist huts are stops on the route of the scheduled buses from Landmannalaugar to Myvatn. Schedule buses are also from Reykjavik.

After the establishment of Europe's largest national park, Vatnajokull, on June 7th, 2008, the Hrauneyjar area became one of the centres for the NP wardens.

Nyidalur 89 km, Hagongur 74 km, Hrauneyjar 10 km, GPS: 64°11´48,56 N and 19°17´07.31 W <Sigalda> Arnes  64 km, Hella 96 km, Veidivotn 36 km,  Landmannalaugar (F208) 27 km.

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