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This is mostly a delta area between some rivers on the northeastern side of Lake Hvitarvatn. There the oldest hut (1930) of The Icelandic Tourist Club still serves its purpose. On a fine day, the surroundings of this area are breathtakingly beautiful. There are also some ruins of a farm, which was supposedly devastated  by the 1104 eruption of Mt. Hekla. Some of the overnight visitors of the hut claim to be aware of the ghost of a young woman, especially if they occupy a special bed. This woman is said to have died of exposure fetching water during a snow storm.

The area around the hut is very interesting for bird watchers and snowmobile tours. The Bus Company SBA-Nordurleid offers scheduled trips from the south and the north every day during summer. Hvitarnes is 6 km from Kjolur route.


Gullfoss 45 km <Hvitarnes> Hveravellir 53 km.

The Iceland Touring Association

Huts on hiking trail Hvitarvellir to Hveravellir

Hut Hvitarnes


Hut Thjofadalir

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