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The mountain massif Kerlingarfjoll (The Ogress' Mountains; 800 - 1500 m) is the main ornament in the chain of mountains and glaciers framing the Kjolur area. It covers about 150 km² area southeast of The Temple Glacier (Hofsjokull). It derives its name from a single, 25 m high and dark hyaloclastite pillar protruding from the light coloured, rhyolite scree of the peak Kerlingartindur. The aforementioned types of rock represent the main structure of the mountain massif. The small glacier  patches up there have been retreating fast and now the summer skiing school, which was operated for decades, exists no more. Its complex of houses is now being used to accommodate travellers in the area.
The schedule of The Bus Company SBA-Nordurleid  drive to Kerlinarfjoll  includes The Ogress' Mountains every day during summer.

For information on road conditions, see or call the Road Administration Information Line (+354) 1777



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