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Hiking Huts Laugavegur
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Fjallabak Nature Reserve


63°59.600  19°03.660
4 x4 vehicles only
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This pearl of the interior is situated in a valley between colourful mountains at the dark edge of the rhyolite lava field Laugahraun. Many hot and cold springs create a bathing warm brook, where people bathe. The banks of the brook are boggy and lush vegetated and people are kindly asked to use the wooden path across the bog to the brook. It is forbidden to use soap in the brook. The surroundings of Landmannalaugar are too colourful and magnificent to describe with words.  The mountains are split with gullies and gorges, one of which, the Jokulgil, is about 13 km long.

It is possible to hike all the way to its end, when the river is not swollen, and there are several other hiking possibilities in the area. Landmannalaugar is also the starting point for those, who want to hike to the Thorsmork area in the south. It is easy to walk there in three days, but many prefer to spend more time enroute to be able to enjoy the trip to the utmost. The tourist hut in Landmannalaugar accommodates 110 or more people and there is a camping area, where it is extremely difficult to drive the pegs into the ground, and if it starts blowing hard, rocks have to be used to weigh the tents down. People are kindly asked to return the rocks to the wooden crates after use. Landmannalaugar is a part of a larger nature reserve.

During summer the scheduled busses of Kynnisferdir stop over at Landmannalaugar every day. Scheduled bus services from Landmannalaugar to Lake Myvatn in the North are also available

Sigalda (F-208) 27 km, Crossroads (26/F-225) 29 km, Landmannahellir 20 km. <Landmannalaugar> Eldgja 41 km,  Kirkjubaejarklaustur 120 km.

For information on road conditions, see or call the Road Administration Information Line (+354) 1777


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