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Laxnes is a horse farm in the Mosfellsdalur Valley, where the renowned author Halldor Kiljan Laxnes (1902-1998) was partly brought up.  He later added the name of the farm to his.  His work has been translated into many foreign languages.  He received the Stalin Price for literature in 1953 and two years later the Nobel Price.  After 1945, he made his home again in Laxnes and called his house “Gljufrasteinn”.  In 2001 his widow donated their home to the government and it was decided to turn it into a museum to commemorate the author.

The horse rental at the Laxnes farm offers short and long riding tours through the beautiful and interesting landscapes of the surrounding area.  It is the oldest horse rental in the vicinity of the capital area, founded in 1968, and boasts of the longest experience.
Among the primary sources for of the Halldor Kiljan Laxnes’ novel “The Iceland Bell.” Laxnes is Iceland’s Nobel Prize Winner for literature and this novel is probably his most popular and widely read work domestically and elsewhere:
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