Modruvellir Horgardalur,

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This manor and parsonage is situated in the mouth of the Horgardalur valley on the Eyjafjordur Bay.  The church was built during the period 1865-1867 after a fire, which consumed the earlier one.  The present church is an exact replica of the former one and no effort was spared to make it as elaborate as possible.

All the old artifacts of the former churches were lost in the fire.  In 1296, a monastery was established at Modruvellir.  It, too, burned down in 1316 because of the carelessness and partying of the monks.  Many valuable manuscripts were lost.  After the reformation in 1550, Modruvellir became the possession of the Danish kings and many of the sub-governors had their seat there.

Jon Sveinsson, "Nonni", was born there on November 16th 1857 (†1944).  The first Icelandic minister, Hannes Hafstein (1861-1922) was born there as well.  The first secondary school of the country was established there in 1880.  It was moved to Akureyri in 1902.  The distance from the capital is 376 km by the Whale Bay tunnel.

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