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Mt Akrafjall (643m) is a prominent landmark from the capital area to the north across the bay. It is situated between the Whale Bay and the cove Leirarvogur, near the fishing- and industrial town Akranes. It was denuded by the Ice Age glaciation and at one or more points in its geological history it was surrounded with water. Its main distinctive feature is a steep valley, which opens up towards west.

Its geological structure is basalt with some beautiful columnar basalt in places. Mt. Akrafjall boasts of one of the biggest breeding colonies of the great black-backed gulls in the country. Still nowadays, many people pick thousands of their eggs every summer to eat. The fulmar is a breeding species since 1940, and of course, quite a few other species breed there as well.
In 1756, the vagabond and thief Arnes Palsson hid from justice on the mountain. When a group of men started looking for him, he was clever enough to mingle with them in the search. After a whole day’s search in vain, and after the search party was back home, did the men realize that they had been had.

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