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Herdubreid 1682 m.
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Hiking Trail Herdubreidarlindir

There is a mountain range east of The Askja Area. It is split in two places and in the middle is the prototype of Icelandic table mountains, Herdubreid (1682m). Its highest peak, facing southeast, is on the brink of the big crater. The mountain rises 1000-1100 m above the surroundings, its screes are very steep and lose and above them the mountain is lined with precipitous cliffs all around. This makes it rather difficult to climb and the best acsend is from the northwest. Climbers must stay together in a tight group when climbing because of rolling stones in the steep screes. The oasis Herdubreidarlindir is one of the most beautiful spots of the interior. A myriad of cold springs at the edge of the lava creates the spring fed river Lindaa, a tributary of the glacial river Jokulsa. The water is the source of the existence of amazingly many species of plants in the oasis. This area is in the rain shadow of the big icecap and the precipitation is minimal both summer and winter.

Sometimes people, who hike into the lava field behind the hut, loose their sense of orientation and get lost. There are camping grounds just east of the hut and daily bus connections from lake Myvatn during summer.

After the establishment of Europe's largest national park, Vatnajokull, on June 7th, 2008, Herdubreidarlindir became one of the centres for the NP wardens.

Nyidalur 133 km, Kverkfjoll 62 km, Dyngjufjoll 29 km <Herdubreidarlindir> Hrossaborg 60 km, Myvatn 103 km.

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