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Njarðvik is the northernmost cove of the Eastfjords between the headlands Landsendi and Skalanes.  Its only lowland area is the short, but well vegetated valley, where the present road meanders down its steep northern slopes from Pass Vatnsskard.  This road, which continues via Njardvikurskridur to Borgarfiord East, is blocked by snow during winter.  Passers by sometimes spot grazing herds of reindeers in the mountain slopes.

This area is closely conntected with the Sagas of Eastern Iceland and still nowadays old ruins of a long stone wall and farms are prominent.  According to the Book of Settlements, Torkell fullspakur settled there, but later chieftain Ketill trymur.  His nephew was Tidrandi Geitisson, who was the most outstanding young man of the East.  For a while a Norwegian, Gunnar, was a hired hand with Ketill.  He accidentally shot an arrow at Tidrandi and killed him.  At the same time his master, Ketill, was slain in a battle nearby.  After the killings, Gunnar was named "The Tidrandi Killer".  He managed to leave the country, assisted by another settler, the lady Aud djupudga, in the western part of the country.

In ancient times the valley was densely populated, but nowadays only one farm remains.  The farm Stekkur stood to the east of the Njardvik farms.  During the winter of 1883 an avalance killed six people there and two were rescued.  The church at Njardvik was abolished by law in 1970.  During Catholic times it was dedicated to the Holy Mary.
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