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The only hamlet of the Grimsnes County is Solheimar.  About one third of the county's inhabitants live there.  At least five businesses and four workshops are operated there.  The first attempt of organic growing in the Nordic countries was carried out there.  Mrs Sesselja Hreindis Simundsdottir (1902-1974) founded Solheimar on the 5th of July 1930 as a day nursery and later a service centre for the physically handicapped.  She was not only a pioneer in this field in Iceland, but in the whole world when it came to the co-existence of the healthy and the handicapped.

In April 1997, "The Global Eco-Village Network" proclaimed Solheimar the first sustainable hamlet of the country.  In Solheimar the following businesses and undertakings are to be found:  The shop Vala, an arts centre, The Tree Nursery Olur, The Horticultural Centre Sunna, a small candle factory, a musical instrument factory, a toy factory, a weaving factory, a handicraft centre, the guesthouse Brekkukot, a swimming pool, a sport theatre and the Solheimar homes for the handicapped and young.

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