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The Nordic House is a common cultural centre for the Nordic Countries.  Its purpose is to strengthen the cultural bonds and ties between Iceland and the other Nordic Countries.  The Finish architect, Alvar Aalto, designed the building, which was completed in 1968 and opened to the public in August the same year.  The five Nordic Countries support the operation of the activities of the Nordic House.

They consist mainly of lectures, exhibitions, conferences, meetings and concerts.  A contemporary library offers access to literature from every corner of the Nordic Countries in all the languages spoken within the area.  It also lends out graphic art and music from the Nordic area.  The proximity of the University of Iceland enables mutual co-operation in many fields.

The Nordic House offers Nordic professors working space and teaching facilities.  The office of the Nordic Association is also located in the building.  Every day at least 40 newspapers from the Nordic Countries are flow in to be available to the guests of the Nordic House cafeteria.

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