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The Reykjavik Energy was established by uniting the Municipal Electric Authority and the Geothermal Heating Authority on January 1st 1999.  The Municipal Water Works were incorporated at the end of the year 2000, making the company the largest of its kind in the country.  Further information on the operation and the history of each of those three pillars of the company can be found down below.

The Reykjavik Energy belongs to the municipality of the capital.  Its council is the company’s executive board, and the managing director carries out its policies.

Its distribution system of electricity covers the capital and the towns Kopavogur, Gardabaer, Seltjarnarnes and Mosfellsbaer.  Hot water is distributed to the capital, the towns Kopavogur and Gardabaer, and Mosfellsbaer purchases hot water on a wholesale basis.  Fresh water is distributed in the capital, but the towns Kopavogur, Seltjarnarnes and Mosfellsbaer purchase it on a wholesale basis.

All above mentioned services of the Reykjavik Energy are based on the cleanest, most nature friendly and sustainable means possible anywhere in the world and great care is taken not to overexploit the resources.  Energy exploitation in Iceland on the whole compares to none elsewhere regarding cleanliness.

Reykjavik  Municipal
 Energy Museum

Nesjavellir Geothermal Plant

Church Ulfljotsvatn
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Electric Works
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Water Works

Geothermal Works

Heidmork Recreational Area

Lake and Farm Ulfljotsvatn

River Ellidaar Valley

Ellidaar Power Station


The Pearl

Hellisheidi Power Plant

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