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New Bridge over Mulakvisl open for all traffic
Saturday July 16 at 12:45 !!!!

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A flash flood swept away the bridge across M˙lakvÝsl river on Mřrdalssandur in South Iceland. This affects traffic on Highway 1 (the Ring Road) about 10 km east of the village VÝk, between H÷f­abrekka from the West, and Skßlm from the East.

New bidge over Mulakvisl open for all traffic. (picture

The beautiful Route F208 - Fjallabakslei­ nyr­ri - is open. This is a mountain road that will take travelers north of the Mřrdalsj÷kull glacier, but travelers should be aware that the road is only passable for 4x4 vehicles. 

A specially equipped bus and trucks have started a free service ferrying smaller two-wheel-drive cars and their passengers over the affected river crossing.

Reconstruction of the bridge is underway, but it will likely take more than a week before the 150 m long bridge is open again. Authorities will make every effort to limit the inconvenience for travelers until connection across M˙lakvÝsl is restsored. 

The daily bus service to KirkjubŠjarklaustur, Skaftafell and H÷fn now runs through Fjallabak nyr­ra (RouteF208) until connection across M˙lakvÝsl has been restored. 

Bus schedule Reykjavik-Vik-Klaustur-Skaftafell-Hofn are running daily through road one or via Fjallabak.

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