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The district Strandasysla covers the easternmost part of the Westfiords. Its coastline is indented with coves and fiords and the sea is dotted with many islands and islets. The weather conditions are rather wet and cold and sometimes pack ice from Greenland fills the fiords, but there are lovely days in-between. Thermal activity can be found in several places. The is quite some number of rivers, rivulets and small lakes in the area (see the „angling site"). The district is sparsely populated and totally abandoned north of the Ingolfsfiord. In Djupavik a hotel is operated for the increasing number of travellers in this part of the country. In many places the shoreline is dotted with driftwood from Siberia. There are quite a few, and large eider colonies along the coastline and the inhabitants collect the down from the nests, hunt seals and do some fishing to survive.

The communications are difficult during winter and the main road ends in the abandoned fishing hamlet Ingolfsfjordur. This part of the country enjoys increasing popularity because of the endless hiking, sightseeing, deep sea fishing, angling and whale watching possibilities.


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