Vidigerdi North Iceland,
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Vidigerdi and Vidihlid are on the main road (#1) in the western slopes of Valley Vididalur in the North, between Valley Linakradalur and Lake Vesturhop in the west and Valley Vatnsdalur in the east. Vidigerdi offers various services and visitors are welcome to browse through the selection of a Woollen Factory Outlet in the Cultural Community Centre and buy what they like.  One of Iceland’s renowned salmon rivers runs through the valley.  It discharges the Moorlands in the south and collects numerous streams on its way, among them River Fitja.  The Sea Char Area of River Vididalsa rates among the best in the North.

Stadarskali 48 km <Vidigerdi> Blonduos 38 km.

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