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This NP was established on June 7th 2008.  Its area is 12,000 square kilometres, almost 12% of Iceland's area, which makes it the largest NP in Europe.  The Icelandic government agreed to present a bill to realize the establishment on November 10th, 2006.  It comprises the NP Skaftafell, NP Jokulsargljufur, almost all of glacier Vatnajokull, lava fields Hagonguhraun and Veidivatnahraun, Vesturoraefi, Mt Snaefell, Eyjabakkar and a part of Hraun to the north of the glacier.  Most of the areas within the NP area are the property of the state.

The NP management also includes some nature reserves, which are most probably going to be merged in the future.  The Langisjor area is expected to become a part of the NP.

Visitors' centres are in six places:  Asbyrgi, on Lake Myvatn, at Skriduklaustur, Hofn, Skaftafell, and Kirkjubaejarklaustur.

Proposed centres for NP wardens are in the following places: 

Drekagil in Askja, Herdubreidarlindir, Kverkfjoll, Hvannalindir, at Mt Snaefell, Lon,

Heinaberg area, Hrauneyjar, Nyidalur/Jokuldalur, and in Vonarskard, Langisjor.

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