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Farm Bergtorshvoll is a church site in the West Landeyjar County.  The churches at Akurey and Kross belong to the parish.  River Affall flows a short distance to the east.  Old ruins can still be detected, i.e. a wall around a field.

The Saga of Njall the wise is the most read and most popular saga of the country.  Among other interesting chapters is the story of the bloody vengeance following the slaying of the hero Gunnar Hamundarson, which was carried out by Njal's sons.  This brought 100 of their enemies to their father's farm, which they set on fire to kill the three sons, Grimur, Helgi and Skarphedinn.  Only one man, Njal's son in law Kari, escaped.  He then continued carrying out the blood feud until he eventually reached reconciliation with the last arsonist and married his daughter.

Archaeological excavations at farm Bertorshvoll have not yet revealed anything pointing to a fire in the year 1011.  Traces of a fire in 1100 have to do with a separate outhouse.  Farm Bergtorshvoll was declared inviolate.

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