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Kaupfelag Thingeyinga was the first co-operative society in Iceland to be established at this farm in 1882.  The National Museum has taken care of the houses since 1968.  Some stables and sheds have also been preserved.

Thvera also served the parish with its church, which was then the private property of ther farmers. 

The church was built in 1878 of hewn hyaloclastite rock blocks (tuff; moberg) as well as the wall surrounding it.  These blocks were cemented togeather with mortar.  The church is 8,5 metres long and 5 metres wide, and seats 60 persons.  The altar piece was painted by Arngrimur Gislason.

One of the most renowned angling rivers of the country, Laxa in Adaldalur, the discharge of Lake Myvatn, runs throught the valley, which is well vegetated and fertile.  It is also well known for its avifauna.  Below the farmstead is an ancient ford, which was much used by travellers.

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