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Farm Haukagil (Hawk gorge) is located in valley Vatnsdalur in North Iceland.  The gorge was named after two berserks, who became too amorous and bullied the farmers of the area.

They continued oppressing and plundering until bishop Fridrik, who stayed for a while at the farm Stora Gilja, found a way to get rid of them.  After their slaying, they were buried in the gorge.

In the winter of 1802, extremely bad weather killed hundreds of sheep.  One of the workers at the farm was lost looking for them.  After a long search, he was found near death, stuck frosen, and died on the way back home.  The nex summer only a few of the sheep were found alive.  To the south of the farm is a tiny birch wooded area, where the trees were planted in 1927, and the moorland Haukagilsheidi. 
North Iceland Saga Trail

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