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In the 11th century, a farmer by the name Sveinn lived at Hvitarbakki in the county Baejarsveit.  Grettir, the strong, son of Asmundur, stole his mare Sodulkolla, and sent him a message about his next nightover at farm Gilsbakki.  Sveinn rode there to retrieve his mare.  He sat with Grettir the whole night reciting poetry and they parted as friends in the morning.  One of the militant chieftains of the 13th century, Tordur kakali, fled to the farm to escape another chieftain, Kolbeinn the young, in 1242.

Mr. Sigurdur Torolfsson's (1869-19829) Popular High School was operated at the farm during the period 1905-1920, when it was moved to Reykholt.  Sigurdur, the school master, wrote many articles and books about common education and published the agricultural magazine "The Plough" 1897-1907.  His daughter, Mrs. Anna, founded the museum of female history in 1931.  A guesthouse was operated at Hvitarbakki for a while and it was contracted by NATO for the military base in Keflavik for a few years for recreation.  In 2003 it was operated as a centre for waylead adolescents.  In 2006 the guesthouse was restored.

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