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Jokulsa a Fjollum

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Selfoss is one of the three waterfalls of river Jokulsa a Fjollum.  It is located about one kilometre to the south of the mighty Dettifoss.  It is 10 m high (8-14 m) and often its spray is visible from the brink of the canyon on the way to Dettifoss.  It derives its name from the abandoned farm Holssel. 

Some people called it Willard waterfall, named it after Willard Fiske. 
A wealthy American, Willard Fiske, then gave the Grimsey islanders quite a few chessboards)

It is a special and a beautiful waterfall and those who have the time, should make an extra detour to see it.

In the latter part of the nineteenth century word got out, that the islanders were good chess players.  A wealthy American, Willard Fiske, then gave the islanders quite a few chessboards, a good library on chess and funds to support and develope it.

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