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"Around Iceland in 6 to 10 days"


En route along the shoreline, with your eyes open, the traveller should not miss the great number of common grey- and harbour seals how have lived in a perfect harmony with Icelandic farmers over 1000 years.

Audio guided bus tours in english start from The Seal Museum in Hvammstangi around the Vatnsnes peninsula.
First stop is at the historic farm Illugastadir on the Vatnsnes Peninsula.
The second stop is for a hike to a seal colony near the sea cliff Hvitserkur.
Then to Osar
From there a path leads down to the coast, where there is an interesting seal rookery.
The fourth stop is at
Borgarvirki, a prominent landmark on the way through the Huna District.
Before returning to Hvammstangi the fifth stop at the ogress canyon of Kolugljúfur. Kolugljufur is a 2 km long and 20-25 m deep and beautiful gorge of River Viðidalsa.



Village Hvammstangi on the Midfjordur bay is a commercial and tourism centre for the county, and has been a trading post since 1846.
The Icelandic Seal Centre is also an important addition to the educational recreation in Hvammstangi.

Good hotel accommodations are on offer, and the camping grounds are equipped with the best of facilities.

It is located 7 kilometres off the ring road.

The distance from Reykjavik is 197 km by the Whale Bay tunnel.

Distances from Hvammstanga

Bifrost in Borgarfjordur (West Iceland) Iceland 91 km <Hvammstangi> Blonduos 58 km.  Varmahlid 102 Km. Akureyri 195 Km.


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